This special summer travel pass allows you to explore Germany for only 9 euros

If you’re visiting Germany this summer, a new travel pass could help you save money on transportation.

After months of negotiations, the German federal government approved a plan to encourage people to use public transportation to combat inflation and rising energy and gas prices by issuing a monthly public transit pass for just nine euros.

The 9-Euro ($9.60 USD) ticket is valid for travel between June 1 and August 31, 2022. For one calendar month, anyone who purchases it enjoys unlimited access to all types of public transportation in Germany, including buses, U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, and local and regional trains.

Long-distance trains like the IC and ICE are not included. It also cannot be transferred.

Children under the age of six travel for free, however children from six to fourteen must purchase a ticket.

This special summer travel pass allows you to explore Germany for only 9 euros
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Where can I buy a €9 pass?

Don’t be concerned. You don’t have to be a travel hacker to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Purchasing your 9-Euro ticket is a breeze.

Pre-booking with the DB Navigator App (Germany’s official railway company app) or online is the quickest and most efficient choice.

You can also purchase it via the websites and apps of various regional transportation companies. Berlin, for instance, has BVG, the Ruhr Area has VRR, and Munich has SSB. All tickets are valid throughout the United States, so you may buy them on any of these platforms.

In addition, beginning June 1, 9-Euro Tickets will be sold at all DB ticket machines and customer centers worldwide.

What is not included in the pass?

The ticket is non-transferable, and you will be unable to board long-distance trains such as the ICE or IC, buses, or private trains such as Flixbus/Flixtrain.

Regional trains, unfortunately, are slow, and getting from one side of the country to the other can take nearly a day.

This special summer travel pass allows you to explore Germany for only 9 euros
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My advice to a first-time traveler is to combine the benefits of the 9-Euro Ticket with the efficiency of long-distance trains. High-speed trains take only a few hours to travel between Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, and Hamburg, and once there, you may tour the cities or organize day trips with the 9-Euro Ticket.

In addition, unlike the conventional “Monatskarte,” each ticket will be good for a calendar month rather than from the date of purchase. You can only use your 9-Euro Ticket for a few days if you buy it near the end of the month, but something like this could still be worth it.

How the pass can assist you in seeing more of Germany

A ticket like this has never existed before, and thousands of people have already purchased them. This is also a good deal for those looking to save money, as train tickets in Germany are not cheap. Single trips in Munich cost 3,5€, 24-hour tickets in Berlin cost 8,80€, and a day-pass that allows you to travel throughout Germany under the same conditions as the 9-Euro Ticket costs 42€.

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The 9-Euro Ticket is ideal for locals and travelers who are familiar with Germany but want to venture off the beaten path and see a side of Germany they haven’t seen before.

Deutsche Bahn said it is adding more trains and personnel to meet summer travel demand.

Hike in one of Germany’s 16 national parks, enjoy the peace and beauty of the German coastline, or visit cities with significant historical significance and charming old towns, such as Göttingen, Bonn, or Weimar.

With such an amazing offer in front of us, it would be foolish not to spend at least a few days in Germany this summer. Whether you prefer the city, the countryside, or the arts, Germany is the place to visit.

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  1. This is an amazing deal! Even if you just did a couple of day trips from a city base, 9e is a bargain.

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