Spending quality time in the Riviera beaches in Saranda, Albania

ksamil beach albania

This year, we chose to spend our summer vacation on the Albanian Riviera at the beach. As a result of extensive research, we have decided to go in the Sarande region of southern Albania, near the Greek border. The approximately 40 kilometers you must travel by car after entering Albanian territory (we used the Kakavia border crossing point) to Sarande are a real treat, with breathtaking scenery along the winding road through mountains.

Visiting Blue Eye in Albania should be at the top of every traveler’s list

Blue Eye in Albania

The famous Blue Eye (Syri I kaltr) of Albania is a water spring and natural phenomenon that every visitor should see. The beautiful light turquoise river, a popular tourist attraction, dazzles with its beauty.

Krushuna Waterfalls, Devetashka Cave, and the charming town of Lovech are all part of a one-day trip to Bulgaria

The most beautiful waterfall in Bulgaria is Krushuna Waterfall

Such a trip to Krushùna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave not only provides us with an excellent opportunity for a day trip from the city, especially during the hot summer months, but also provides us with another perspective of the neighboring country, and the memory of the wonderful places visited will last a long time. Keep the weather in mind.

Charm and color in Alaçati – a hidden gem of Turkey

Alaçati (Alacati pronounced "Ala-cha-ti") is a tiny town on the west coast of Turkey, not far from Izmir. The charming town is a hidden gem that most people haven't heard of, and most first-time visitors skip Alaçati from their Turkey itinerary.

Canakkale – a pleasant surprise at the doorstep of Asia

Things to do in Canakkale. Once we arrived in Turkey from Bulgaria, we left behind Edirne city and went to Eceabat to take the ferry to Canakkale and from a scenic route we arrived at our first stop in Turkey. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of a winding road off the coast of the Marmara Sea on the last part of the road to the European side of Dardanelles.

History and tradition in Turkey: from the old port city of Ephesus to Sirince – Turkey’s one the most aesthetic mountain villages

One of the activities we had during our stay in Cesme was a trip to Ephesus, an ancient port city, and Sirince, Turkey's one the most aesthetic mountain village