New visa rule: millions of travelers will be able to apply for Schengen visas online

In the next years, the lengthy Schengen visa application process will be entirely online. The new digital system, suggested by the European Commission last week, will replace the time-consuming paper application procedure that millions of potential tourists to Europe have to face.

By 2027, smart traffic systems will save 205 million metric tons of CO2 emissions

According to a new Juniper Research study, global CO2 emissions savings from smart traffic management systems will be 205 MMT (Million Metric Tons) by 2027, a 41 percent increase from 145.7 MMT in 2022. According to analysts, this figure is nearly twice the CO2 emissions from UK domestic transportation in 2019.

The humidity in the air is used to power the self-charging battery

The idea of harvesting green energy from everyday wetness to power wearables and portable electronics is gaining traction. Fabricating high-performing moisture-electric generators (MEG) with high and stable output remains a challenge.

Krushuna Waterfalls, Devetashka Cave, and the charming town of Lovech are all part of a one-day trip to Bulgaria

The most beautiful waterfall in Bulgaria is Krushuna Waterfall

Such a trip to Krushùna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave not only provides us with an excellent opportunity for a day trip from the city, especially during the hot summer months, but also provides us with another perspective of the neighboring country, and the memory of the wonderful places visited will last a long time. Keep the weather in mind.

Travelers to Abu Dhabi can now purchase a ‘Summer Pass’

With global tourism on the rise and the Middle East providing year-round experiences, Abu Dhabi has launched a new destination campaign to encourage visitors to visit the UAE capital during the summer season and take advantage of fantastic deals on hotels and world-class attractions. The new campaign highlights all of a traveller's passion points, highlighting unique and unforgettable Abu Dhabi experiences that await tourists this summer.

Airbnb added the Caribbean to its “Live and Work Anywhere” campaign to welcome digital nomads

Airbnb aims to make it easier for employees to take use of their newly codified flexibility as flexibility becomes a permanent feature of many company cultures. With over 6 million listings worldwide, the platform launched its "Live and Work Anywhere" program last Thursday, an ongoing initiative to work with governments and DMOs to create a one-stop shop for remote workers and encourage them to try new places to work, all while helping to revive tourism and provide economic support to communities after years of travel restrictions.

Full-scale eVTOL prototype for personal flight unveiled by AIR

AIR ONE’s sleek and modern design truly makes it the sportscar of the sky.

At the Kentucky Derby, Israeli startup AIR unveiled the full-scale prototype of its first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, AIR ONE. The AIR ONE, which we discussed in October of last year, is a two-person electric fixed-wing aircraft powered by eight vertical lift rotors. Its eight electric motors can produce a maximum of 771 horsepower (575 kW).

Cardholders of American Express can now cancel a flight for any reason

According to American Expres the credit card company, travelers who book a flight through Amex Travel will be able to cancel that flight for any reason and receive up to a 75 percent reimbursement of the nonrefundable flight costs in the future. To be eligible for the new "Trip Cancel Guard" benefit, travelers must cancel at least two calendar days before their departure date.

After a two-year hiatus, Germany’s popular Oktoberfest will return

After a two-year hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany's iconic Oktoberfest beer festival will return to Munich this year. The Mayor of the city recently announced this. According to reports, the festival will begin on September 17 and run through October 3.