Sudan has the most pyramids in the world

camels at the site of pyramids

Sudan has the most pyramids of any country in the world. Sudan has more ancient pyramids than Egypt, despite being smaller in stature and construction and built earlier. Upper Sudan has around 2000 Kushite pyramids compared to 200 Egyptian pyramids.

A South Korean Park Has a Dramatic Staircase Similar to a Walkable Rollercoaster

Walkable Rollercoaster

Hwanho Park in Pohang, South Korea, has a walkable rollercoaster called "SpaceWalk." The truth is that we all need to stretch our legs more. However, walking can become monotonous at times. We do, however, have options these days. We can act like we're on an epic journey to Mordor. We'll be able to capture Pokémon. Walking can also become a thrill ride for some lucky people in South Korea. German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth created a winding, wild roller coaster structure that you can walk through.

The way we build things in space may be changed by new walking robot technology

white outer space satellite

Researchers have created a cutting-edge walking robot that could revolutionize the way we build things in space. They tested the robot's suitability for in-space assembly of a 25m Large Aperture Space Telescope. They publish their findings in Frontiers in Robotics and AI. A scaled-down prototype of the robot also showed promise for large-scale construction applications on Earth.