Bangkok has been named the greatest city in the world for luxury vacations on a budget

People often look forward to a luxurious overseas trip, but the money is an important factor to consider while organizing one. Luxurious resorts, world-class services, and automobile rentals, for example, all come with a hefty price tag. Bangkok, Thailand's capital, has been dubbed "luxury backpacking heaven"

Slow Travel’s Ascension: Where to Go for Meaningful Travel Experiences Around the World

Slow travel is defined as experiences that focus on connecting travelers with the places they visit and the people they meet. A vacation that has an emotional and cultural impact while also having a low environmental impact.

Destinations for your ultimate travel bucket list

It is combed through over 100 online sources to determine which destinations around the world are at the top of people's bucket lists. With travel slowly returning to normalcy following the pandemic, discover which cities and countries are likely to thrive with tourists once more.

Lovely beach bars in Miami

It's always reassuring to know that if you get tired and need to eat and drink, Miami has some of the best beach bars in the country, places that stimulate the senses with delicious food and cocktails, music and atmosphere. After a long day, both tourists and locals may benefit from a few hours at a beach bar.

The Most Important Travel Trends in 2022

Expedia released its 2022 Travel Trends Report, which details its predictions for next year's biggest travel trends based on its data and a global study by Northstar Research Firm, which polled 12,000 global participants about what they'd like to do and how they'd like to travel in the coming year.

Weekend getaways near New York City: top 10 ideas

These weekend getaways destinations, all less than 5 hours from the city, offer everything from art to lakeside relaxation. Spend a few days in a charming inn, taking in the natural beauty, antique shopping, or relaxing on the beach. A weekend visit to upstate New York or Rhode Island can take you to a different universe.

Top November Events in U.S. by State

For many people, November is known as a month of gathering, when most of us gather indoors to avoid the colder and darker weather. It is also the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, an old tradition that focuses on giving thanks for surviving a difficult year. The end of November … Continue reading Top November Events in U.S. by State

10 tips for seeing a country like a local

For many of us, traveling is about more than just seeing a new place. It's all about the physical sensation of being there. Getting under its skin and figuring out what it's like to live or grow up there. We broaden our horizons and open our minds to other ways of living when we try … Continue reading 10 tips for seeing a country like a local

What to do in Nepal for the best way to spend your time

Nepal, situated between the majestic Himalaya Mountains and the fascinating Indian jungles, is a land where yaks, yetis, mountain peaks, and hidden monasteries appear to be commonplace. Since it opened its borders to foreigners, Nepal has become an enticing destination for hikers and trekkers of all types, with many venturing to the famous Everest Base … Continue reading What to do in Nepal for the best way to spend your time

5 European Towns That Are More Beautiful in the Winter Than They Are in the Summer

I'm not sure what it is about winter, but it not only is my favorite season, but it also suits certain cities far better than summer. I admit that this is a subjective opinion, as all of the cities listed in this round-up are also fantastic places to visit during other seasons. However, the best … Continue reading 5 European Towns That Are More Beautiful in the Winter Than They Are in the Summer