Zimbabwe is the most popular wedding destination in 2022

The top trending wedding destinations in 2022 and beyond, according to a new survey by financial comparison site money.co.uk.

Zimbabwe in Southeast Africa takes first spot, with a 56 percent rise in searches year over year. It is a destination that can fulfill any couple’s vision for their big day, with so much to offer. Whether the soon-to-be-wed couple wants to tie the knot at a safari resort and have elephants in the background of their wedding photos, or they want the stunning views of the banks of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe checks all the boxes.

Italy and South Africa are tied for second place in the top ten, with both countries witnessing a 40% increase year over year. Both places provide gorgeous venue alternatives for happy couples, ranging from exquisite villas located in the rolling hills of Tuscany to beautiful South African vineyards in Stellenbosch.

South Africa
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Portugal and Kenya are fourth and fifth on the list, respectively, followed by countries known for their stunning beaches. Thailand rounds out the top five popular wedding destinations, with searches up 23% thanks to people dreaming of a wedding on the islands of Phi Phi or Phuket. Following Jamaica in seventh position are Morocco, Brazil, and Mexico.

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The top ten most popular wedding places

RankWedding Destination (Country)Year-on-Year Change
1Zimbabwe wedding56%
= 2Italy wedding40%
= 2South Africa wedding40%
4Portugal wedding39%
5Kenya wedding27%
6Thailand wedding23%
7Jamaica wedding22%
8Morocco wedding21%
9Brazil wedding20%
10Mexico wedding14%

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