Where can You go for a beach vacation in France?

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Sunny days spent lounging on lounge chairs, swimming in warm, clear waters, and dining at chic waterfront restaurants. This description could be used to describe a typical beach vacation in France.

Free things to do in Rome

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Rome is a city where the doors of the art-filled churches are thrown open to everyone, where ancient architectural marvels are around every corner, and where it is completely free to wander the city's parks, piazzas, and streets. We can show you how to visit a surprising number of the world-famous attractions and free things to do in the lovely capital city of Italy.

The Elephanta Festival in Mumbai celebrates the heritage of art, culture, and sculpture

The Elephanta Festival is an excellent opportunity to visit the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elephanta Island is about an hour's drive from Mumbai and is considered one of the best venues in India.

Best Museums to Visit in Europe

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Europe is one of the best tourist destinations for discovering the world's most beautiful museums. Here is a list of the best museums in Europe, the must-see museums that tell us about our civilization's history, from the first fossils to contemporary art.