Visit Jamaica: tourist attractions, weather, island culture

Jamaica offers a magnificent palette of tourist attractions, a lot of colors and sounds that make our island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean, from each morning's glorious sunrise until the sea swallows the sun at night. It is a land with a distinct culture, breathtaking scenery, and a friendly population.

US warm places to go in the winter

Are you not a great lover of the cold weather in the winter? How about a pleasant winter trip with the holidays approaching? Put your thick, heavy coats away, pack your bags, and go on a warm-weather vacation. Here are a few of the greatest warm places for winter vacation in the United States:

Weekend getaways near New York City: top 10 ideas

These weekend getaways destinations, all less than 5 hours from the city, offer everything from art to lakeside relaxation. Spend a few days in a charming inn, taking in the natural beauty, antique shopping, or relaxing on the beach. A weekend visit to upstate New York or Rhode Island can take you to a different universe.

The 12 Best Honeymoon Destinations

We've compiled a definitive list: Here are the top 12 honeymoon destinations in the world. There are incredible honeymoon places near and far to indulge your personal idea of romance, whether you are a person who enjoys lying on a beach with a coconut, daring foodies, adventure junkies, snow bunnies, or city folk.

Top November Events in U.S. by State

For many people, November is known as a month of gathering, when most of us gather indoors to avoid the colder and darker weather. It is also the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, an old tradition that focuses on giving thanks for surviving a difficult year. The end of November … Continue reading Top November Events in U.S. by State

Top 10 dream destinations to add to your travel bucket list

Looking for the best places to visit on your bucket list? Fortunately for us, our beautiful world is filled with so many breathtaking destinations that we will never run out of new places to visit. So, if you're looking for some travel ideas for your next trip, you've come to the right place! From lush … Continue reading Top 10 dream destinations to add to your travel bucket list

Europe’s best ski resorts

Here is a list of the best ski resorts in Europe, as well as those popular with visitors from all over the world (the most visited ski resorts on our site during the last 12 months by travellers from 172 countries).

Top European dining destinations, from cheapest to most expensive

According to a new study, Istanbul has the most affordable dining out experience in Europe in 2021. The Maxima Kitchen Equipment study looked at the top cities in Europe to find the cheapest and most expensive places to eat out, using data on the cost of living from Expatistan and Numbeo. The analysis was based … Continue reading Top European dining destinations, from cheapest to most expensive

What to do in Nepal for the best way to spend your time

Nepal, situated between the majestic Himalaya Mountains and the fascinating Indian jungles, is a land where yaks, yetis, mountain peaks, and hidden monasteries appear to be commonplace. Since it opened its borders to foreigners, Nepal has become an enticing destination for hikers and trekkers of all types, with many venturing to the famous Everest Base … Continue reading What to do in Nepal for the best way to spend your time