All remaining Covid travel restrictions will be lifted in Greece

Greece plans to lift all remaining Covid-related travel restrictions on May 2, just in time for the country's peak summer tourist season. The country joins a group of 15 other European countries, including Sweden, Madeira, and Cyprus, that have relaxed entry requirements as infection rates have stabilized.

From March 18th, the UK will be free of all COVID travel restrictions

UK government announced that all COVID-19 travel rules would be phased out. Grant Shapps, the British transport secretary, broke the news. As of now, visitors to the U must fill out a locator form before arriving, and unvaccinated visitors must take a COVID-19 test before departure, among other requirements. However, the government has now decided to repeal all remaining regulations.

In April, Australia is hoping to welcome overseas visitors

Australia may reopen to international tourists during the Easter holiday in April. The announcement was made by the country's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, while speaking to a local radio station. Though he did not provide a specific date, he stated that he hopes it will occur sometime during Easter.

Pre-arrival COVID testing is not required for international visitors in the United Kingdom

In a significant development, the UK government has removed the requirement for pre-arrival COVID testing for international travelers. According to reports, international travelers can also avoid self-isolation upon arrival; previously, self-isolation upon arrival was required until a negative-PCR report was received. Furthermore, travelers can take a lateral flow test on the second day of their arrival in the country; the test is thought to be less expensive than a PCR test.

International tourism destinations are being urged to update safety measures and travel restrictions as a result of the Omicron Variant.

The travel industry is being influenced by a new variant. Europe's most popular tourist destinations have reported finding new COVID-19 cases with the Omicron variant.

Tourism is still banned in the fifth of the destinations

One in every five destinations' borders remain completely closed as new Covid-19 outbreaks wreak havoc on the resumption of international tourism. According to the most recent research, 98% of all destinations still have some kind of travel restriction in place.

This year, Berlin’s iconic Christmas markets will return, albeit with some restrictions

This year, the world-famous Christmas markets of Berlin, Germany, have returned. Germany is known for its traditional Christmas markets, but they were closed last Christmas because of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the lovely markets are back this year, complete with glittering lights, carousels, and ice skating. However, as a precaution, the festivities have resumed this … Continue reading This year, Berlin’s iconic Christmas markets will return, albeit with some restrictions

The public’s frustration with travel restrictions is growing.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air travelers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the COVID-19 travel restrictions. In September, IATA commissioned a survey of 4,700 respondents in 11 markets, demonstrating confidence that the risks of COVID-19 can be effectively managed and that travel freedom should be restored. 67% of respondents felt that most … Continue reading The public’s frustration with travel restrictions is growing.