From 2023, Brits and Americans will have to pay €7 to enter the EU

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People traveling to most EU countries will have to pay to enter to EU an entry fee in less than a year.

Tourists on cruise ships visiting Barcelona face a ‘pollution tax’

Tourists on cruise ships visiting Barcelona will soon have to pay a new levy to assist the Spanish port city reduce pollution. The new tax's details will be revealed "in the next weeks," according to Teresa Jordà, Catalonia's minister for climate action.

Italy is removing the final COVID entrance restrictions, as well as testing and vaccine requirements

From June 1, Italy will remove all entry restrictions for overseas visitors. Unvaccinated travellers are currently required to take a test before entering the nation, but this requirement will be phased out on May 31.

The top ten most beautiful secret destinations in Europe

Away from the crowds, Europe's hidden gems await you. Discover your best hidden gems in Europe, including the most beautiful hillside villages in France, the most amazing secret destinations in Spain with its pueblo blancos or authentic family seaside resorts, the Algarve islands, medieval villages in Italy, and the most beautiful destinations in Georgia.