Germany introduces a €49 monthly train, bus, and tram pass called “Deutschlandticket”

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Germany will implement a monthly public transportation ticket costing €49 beginning in January.

According to Transport Minister Volker Wissing, the move is intended to reduce emissions while also assisting people in dealing with the cost of living crisis.

As an experiment, a €9 monthly ticket was introduced over the summer. The new ‘Deutschlandticket,’ or German Ticket, raises the price to €49, or approximately €1.60 per day.

Where is the German €49 monthly pass valid?

The ticket is valid on buses and trains, as well as all short and medium-distance public transportation, at a reduced price. It will not be accepted on intercity trains.

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The new monthly fee was agreed upon by transport ministers from 16 different German states. According to a Federal Government announcement, it will be implemented “as soon as possible.” This could happen as soon as January 1, 2023.

The new paperless ticket will be available as a subscription rather than a one-time purchase like the €9 scheme this summer.

It’s an appealing option because it will be valid on all German public transportation networks, many of which have perplexing fare systems.

Where is the €9 monthly ticket now?

A €9 ticket that allowed for travel on all of the nation’s train, bus, and tram networks was tested in the months of June, July, and August.

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It was implemented in an effort to stop growing inflation brought on by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Additionally, the ticket was designed to promote the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and encourage individuals to travel less.

According to the German association of transportation businesses, VDV, during these three months, emissions were reduced by about 1.8 million tonnes.

There were many requests for a replacement for the program, but there were disputes over the cost and who would foot the bill for the discounted ticket. Finally, it was decided to launch the new program, costing €49 per month, which was thought to be a more sustainable price.

Some states have also chosen to design their own variations of the program. A €29 ticket that can be used on local public transportation was introduced by Berlin. The subscription only remains on sale through the end of March of next year, having gone on sale in October.

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