Work from anywhere in the world with Lufthansa Global Spaces

Finding a place to work quickly and easily anywhere in the world is the goal of Lufthansa’s new ‘Lufthansa Global Spaces’ offer, which was developed and implemented by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. Travelers can now book hot desks, private offices, or meeting rooms with matching accommodation in five cities: Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Singapore, and New York. The service is currently available for a three-month trial period. If the trial is successful, a global rollout is planned.

The deal is supported by a special promotion for Miles & More members, Europe’s most popular loyalty program for travelers. Users can easily book preferred workstations through their Miles & More account and receive 500 bonus award miles for the first time they use the service. Each euro spent earns you another mile. The reservation platform Hubli, which has a global network of 185,000 spaces, is used for selection and booking.

Lufthansa Global Spaces

Flexible booking possibilities and dependable workspaces

It is already feasible to reserve a workspace or conference room anywhere in the globe on the spur of the moment, but it is hard. Because there hasn’t been a single, transparent point of contact for potential clients, the options and prices can be bewildering. They are unaware of the area providers and the services they give. Furthermore, booking with various providers frequently necessitates the creation of user accounts or the possession of a current monthly or yearly subscription. The Lufthansa Group has responded to this dilemma with ‘Lufthansa Global Spaces,’ which provides an appealing “work-from-anywhere” solution that can be used globally.

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On the website, interested clients can see, compare, and filter various workplaces based on geography. They will find information on each location’s opening hours, equipment, lead time, and ratings. Bookings and reservations are made directly through the platform. On-site check-in and check-out, as well as extras booking, may all be done through the website.

The lines between “holiday” and “work” are blurring.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities in the travel sector and want to create long-term value in a market that is undergoing major changes and naturally also impacts the Lufthansa Group’s core business. Traditional business travel has declined significantly since the COVID pandemic began. At the same time, we’ve seen more and more how the categories of ‘work’ and ‘vacation’ are becoming blurred. Travelers today are often away for longer periods of time and sometimes work remotely. We believe that this trend will only continue. The ‘Lufthansa Global Spaces’ offer is the logical outcome of this observation: We want to provide travelers with the most seamless, enjoyable travel experience possible, even beyond flying. Today, this also means making it possible for customers to work from anywhere. The future of work is flexible and, in many cases, not tied to a specific location – and we want to help shape this future.”

Christine Wang, Managing Director of LIH (Lufthansa Innovation Hub)

‘Lufthansa Global Spaces’ is now available on the internet at The offer will be rolled out globally following a successful test period.

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