Airbnb added the Caribbean to its “Live and Work Anywhere” campaign to welcome digital nomads

Airbnb aims to make it easier for employees to take use of their newly codified flexibility as flexibility becomes a permanent feature of many company cultures. With over 6 million listings worldwide, the platform launched its "Live and Work Anywhere" program last Thursday, an ongoing initiative to work with governments and DMOs to create a one-stop shop for remote workers and encourage them to try new places to work, all while helping to revive tourism and provide economic support to communities after years of travel restrictions.

Work from anywhere in the world with Lufthansa Global Spaces

Finding a place to work quickly and easily anywhere in the world is the goal of Lufthansa's new 'Lufthansa Global Spaces' offer. Travelers can now book hot desks, private offices, or meeting rooms with matching accommodation in five cities: Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Singapore, and New York.

Find the Best Remote Work Places in the World

The countries for remote working are ranked based on twenty-two factors, including opportunities to explore after work hours, living costs, health and safety, weather, and more. Portugal, Spain, Romania, Mauritius, and Japan are the top five countries for remote workers overall.

What are the best cities in the world for a workation?

It's time for the workation: a fun mix of working and Work-related vacations are those in which you travel to a new location and work from there for at least part Because long-term or flexible remote working has grown in popularity in recent years, workations are now a viable choice for more people than ever … Continue reading What are the best cities in the world for a workation?