The “First Class Suite Plus,” a private room in the sky, is offered by Lufthansa

First Class Lufthansa

The “Suite Plus,” a separate double cabin with ceiling-high walls and a totally closeable door, a huge table, and two broad seats that can be converted into a comfortable double bed if necessary, is an addition to first class by Lufthansa premium service.

In its most upscale travel class, Lufthansa is establishing a new benchmark for luxury and originality with this flying private suite.

The First Class Suite has amenities that are unmatched anywhere else in the world, including the ability for guests to link their own mobile device to the entertainment system and heat or chill their approximately one meter-wide chairs in the suite to suit their individual demands. A suite wardrobe offers plenty of storage space so that visitors may change comfortably and have access to all of their personal items.

Also, expect top-notch service: the staff will serve the gourmet food at the time that the visitors wish. The dinner is served at a big First Class table, much like a restaurant, in the private suites.

The "First Class Suite Plus," a private room in the sky, is offered by Lufthansa

With “Lufthansa Allegris”, First Class by Lufthansa

As part of the airline’s new long-haul offering, “Lufthansa Allegris,” the First Class will debut in 2024 on newly supplied Airbus A350 aircraft. The company is enhancing the overall travel experience for clients in all travel classes, including Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class, during this process. With a total investment of 2.5 billion euros by 2025, “Allegris” is a component of the largest product and service revamp in the Lufthansa Group’s history.

“Since each guest has a unique definition of premium, we put a strong emphasis on individuality and exclusivity. At the “First Class Suite Plus” introduction on February 28 in Berlin, Jens Ritter, CEO of Lufthansa Airlines, said that the First Class Suite Plus “conveys the feeling of seclusion and individuality equivalent to a hotel room-only at an altitude of eleven kilometers. Along the whole travel chain, “The Allegris portfolio provides originality, exclusivity, and premium service.”

More adaptable than ever in business class

For the first time, business class passengers on Lufthansa can anticipate having their own room, which provides even more luxury and privacy thanks to chest-high walls and sliding doors. Here, passengers in the front rows can take advantage of extra personal space, a large monitor up to 27 inches, and plenty of storage. Each suite also features an own minibar and wardrobe. The two rooms can be connected internally, allowing business class passengers flying together to have a lot of privacy.

More adaptable than ever in business class at Lufthansa

With “Allegris,” business class passengers will have more options than before. Depending on whether they want an extra-long bed measuring 2.20 meters, additional room and a work area, a seat with a baby cot, or simply an exclusive seat right by the window, passengers can select from six additional seat options. There is also a double seat with a retractable center console that may be used as a reclining surface for two people.

With all options, a higher degree of seclusion is provided by the high seat walls and wide shoulder space. The seats have high definition screens (4K), roomy dining tables, wireless charging, noise-canceling headphones, and Bluetooth connectivity. They can also be made into beds that are at least two meters long. Also, all seats have a heating and cooling system that enables business class passengers to choose their preferred temperature. Seats also have a shoulder sink-in function for extra-comfortable side sleeping, allowing the shoulder to sink into the seat and improve side sleeper comfort. Access to all seating, lighting, heating/cooling, and entertainment features is provided by a tablet-sized control unit. Consequently, the aisle provides direct access to every seat.

Premium Economy and Economy offer greater room and options

In the spring of 2022, SWISS already began offering the new Premium Economy Class. The “Allegris” seat may be adjusted even further back than the existing model and has additional legroom. It also has a fold-out leg rest. Adjusting it won’t affect passengers in the row behind you, either, because it will be built into a hard shell. Always in place are the table and monitor. Passengers in Premium Economy Class will also get a travel amenity pack composed of eco-friendly materials for added comfort.

Lufthansa receives new planes because to “Allegris”. With “Allegris,” more than 80 brand-new Lufthansa planes, including Boeing 787-9s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 777-9s, will fly to locations all over the world. Moreover, aircraft already in use by Lufthansa, such the Boeing 747-8, will receive retrofits. A first in Lufthansa’s history is the simultaneous enhancement of the travel experience in all classes and replacement of more than 27,000 seats. The corporation is emphasizing its clear premium and quality claim in this way. The Lufthansa Group plans to make a total of 2.5 billion euros in product and service investments by 2025.

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