Find the Best Remote Work Places in the World

Last year, the demand for working remotely while visiting a new location reached new heights. KAYAK has published the new Work from Wherever Guide to help travelers find the best destinations in the world to enjoy their workcations as companies continue to push back the date for employees to return to the office or change over to offer greater remote working opportunities.

The guide starts with three smaller features. The first is a simple ranking of the top 111 countries for remote working. The countries are ranked based on twenty-two factors, including opportunities to explore after work hours, living costs, health and safety, weather, and more. Portugal, Spain, Romania, Mauritius, and Japan are the top five countries for remote workers overall.

The second feature is an interactive time zone map where you can enter your current time zone. It then displays a map of the world’s time zones, with countries that are the best fits for both time zones and the country’s overall ranking in darker colors on a gradient scale.

The guide’s final feature is a detailed list of the world’s top ten remote workcation destinations, including information about the destinations such as vaccination rates, pandemic restrictions such as mask-wearing, entry requirements, and even the median prices for things like flights, accommodations, and car rentals in each destination. Lisbon, Portugal, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Sao Paulo, Brazil are the top three.

Find the Best Remote Work Places in the World
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To commemorate the guide, KAYAK is also launching the Roam Remotely Sweepstakes, in which one lucky winner will receive $10,000 towards an all-expenses-paid trip to their choice of destination. Participants can apply online by entering their first and last name, country of residence, and email address.

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