Accidentally visiting Sirnea, the first tourist village in Romania … with no regrets!

Last weekend we had planned to take our share of energy through a full day trip to Fundata village, in the Moeciu area, Brasov county. We knew the area because we had been there before, we like it, it is not very far from Bucharest, the weather forecast was favorable. All this made Fundata our next weekend destination. Or at least in theory, because practically things didn’t happen that way. We got our energy, but not from Fundata …


After about 30 minutes of driving, my wife started reading to me and our child an article about a place called Sirnea village in the same Fundata – Moeciu area, an article that convinced us to change our destination. I stopped on the side of the road, set up google maps, and headed for Sirnea.

After passing the Rucar locality, we turned left to enter the Dambovicioarei Gorges, after paying an access fee of 3 lei per person. From here to Sirnea, the road is a fairytale, not resisting the temptation to stop a few times to quietly enjoy the landscapes of overwhelming beauty, offered by the spectacular panorama of the Piatra Craiului mountains. We passed a glamping place, through the village of Ciocanul, and so, almost without realizing it, we woke up in the center of the village of Sirnea, right next to the school.

“SIRNEA – the first tourist village in Romania” is proudly written an announcement … And right next to it you can find a map and a list of walking routes that you can find in the area. We chose the first one called “Wandering through Sirnea” and which, fortunately for us, after less than 400 meters passes a guesthouse with a restaurant where we could eat and drink, but also to admire a special view.

And after that we continued the walk, which, to be honest, I can’t figure out how long it lasted, because here time has a different rhythm than in the city, and I used the phones not to check the time but only for to take another picture. The first thing that strikes you when you step into Şirnea is the scenery.

Situated at an altitude of 1244 meters, at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, the village seems to be detached from a dragon movie or a documentary on Discovery. We were captured by the atmosphere of the place, totally different from the modern daily routine, an atmosphere well maintained by the locals. The paved road ascends and descends among the pastures that smell of fresh hay. Everywhere you see wooden sheepfolds and traditional houses, with the mountain tops in the background. It is a place where you can still enjoy the “unedited” nature, the energy, and peace of mind you receive is invaluable.

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