I grew up in a small town, in Romania, with beautiful mountains surrounding me. The nature is very deep in my soul and my mind. Now, I m living in a busy city, and always thinking about the weekend to see some piece of nature, no matter where this piece is.
In all my travels, I m looking to see some nature: pure nature or even a park, a botanical garden, something to remember for the simplicity and beauty of nature.
My feelings are always the same: peace, joy, harmony, purity…

Together with a vibrant life of the city, that I also love, we need from time to time to go back to something that transcends our common and busy city life…

flight search

Those feelings that do not disappear so easy: you will always remember that sunshine, sound of the waves, green of the mountains, the smell of a flower, kindness of an animal, no matter if nature is from Romania, Singapore, Bali, Japan, you will feel that we belong to this amazing Earth… let s take care of our home…

Please see below, the nature without filters, just the simplicity of nature but also the complexity of our emotions…

I just want to close my small article with Leonardo da Vinci thaughts:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

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