Branded as ‘Asia’s Most Affordable Gateway’, Clark, Philippines it is a delightful location that is quirky and full of surprises

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Clark, Philippines, is a sprawling metropolitan boasting many places of interests and a host of events and activities that appeals to a wide spectrum of tourists and visitors. Originally designed as a Freeport Zone to enable free trade between the Philippines and other locations, it is now a tourist attraction in its own right, thanks to its resources, excellent tourist facilities, and high-quality accommodation.

Located in the heart of the Philippines, Clark is an excellent base for exploring this island nation. Branded as ‘Asia’s Most Affordable Gateway’, it is a delightful location that is quirky and full of surprises. More than being a huge shopping centre – this destination is surrounded by lush, green jungle and the towns and villages around Clark give you the opportunity to discover the true culture of the Philippines.

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The Salakot is at the top of any Clark attractions list. This monument represents the friendship between the Philippines and the USA, and was originally built to commemorate the signing of an agreement between the two countries. Today, it is an important representation of Clark’s independence. To see it at its best and for those perfect photo opportunities, be sure to visit at night.

The Kelly Theater, built in in 1953, is the cultural heart of Clark, and is renowned for its excellent productions. The city has a cluster of historical buildings, including Building 2122, which has a history dating back to 1902, and the White House or building 2050, an elegant civil building that dates back to 1912. Much of the history of Clark is intrinsically linked to the US military activity on the island, which explains the building’s numeric designations, which are still used today. If you are here with the family then Clark has plenty of theme parks to offer for a great day out. Fontana Water Park is at the top of everyone’s list, with excellent facilities for all ages, including a spa, golf course and plenty of water slides for the children. Find out more about the wildlife and natural wonders of the region at Clark Nature Park, or take the kids to Clark Dinosaurs Island to have a close encounter with a T-Rex.

For a cultural insight into the Philippines, head to the Nayong Pilipino sa Clark cultural park. This excellent attraction will take you on a journey through the history and culture of the Philippines in a park that is broken down into region-specific ‘zones’. After all that sightseeing and activity, relax and unwind at one of the many spas and wellness centres on offer. Professionally trained masseuses will help to unknot your muscles and soothe away tensions with a range of treatments and massages.

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Filipino cuisine is a fusion of the different cultures that have all come together to shape the history of the islands. In Clark, you will find everything from authentic traditional dishes to fast-food outlets and international restaurants. Filipino food is spicy and flavoursome, although it is not actually as spicy or ‘hot’ as Thai food, for example. For some tasty street local food, look out for Carenderias, which are food stalls selling on-the-go snacks. Rice is the staple dish, and one of the best examples of a local dish is sinangag, which is fried garlic rice with mixed vegetables and strips of dried fish or shrimps. Alternatively, you could grab some pancit (noodles) habhab, or stir-fried noodles served on a banana leaf. If you prefer something a little more familiar, then Clark has a selection of superb quality restaurants offering French and other international cuisine, cooked by award-winning chefs.

This is Clark’s whole reason for existence, so you will find the shopping facilities are second to none and prices surprisingly low in the Clark Freeport Zone.. There are Duty-Free malls where you can buy things such as perfume and leather goods at low prices. Try the SM City Clark mall or the Marquee Mall to have the authentic local shopping experience, complete with a wide range of souvenirs and local products to choose from.

If you want something a little different then take a stroll through the central shopping area and look for smaller, independent shops selling local crafts and Filipino goods.

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