Iceland has the world’s most isolated house

most isolated house

The world’s most isolated house is located on an island off Iceland’s southern coast. The house was built in 1930 and is located on Elliðaey, a 0.4-square-kilometer island that is part of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, which consists of 18 islands. Three of the islands are currently inhabited, but the only life on Elliaey is a type of Nordic bird known as a “puffin.”

Iceland has the world's most isolated house

This most isolated house was built by five island families and now serves as a hunting lodge despite the lack of electricity and piped water. Despite its age of about 91 years, the property is in good condition and has a system that collects rainwater to be reused to power a sauna provided by the house.


Several rumors have circulated over the years about who lives in this house. In fact, only local hunters from the Elliaey Hunting Association live in this house. Members of this organization organize excursions to hunt the “puffin” bird, which, despite being endangered, is permitted to be captured by the Icelandic government.

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In the meantime, some tour companies offer day trips for tourists who want to experience isolation and adventure while admiring Icelandic nature.

At Iceland’s southernmost point, there is an island called Ellidaey, which has been home to nothing but the country’s wildlife and natural flora. There is, however, a white house among all of this greenery. Many people have speculated about who owns it, who lives there, and, more importantly, how someone could live there given how isolated and remote the island is. According to Earth Porm, the island has a history of various owners dating back 300 years.

To begin with, the island was said to be home to five families. There were no such houses on the island three centuries ago, only huts where families lived. The small green island turned out to be ideal for cattle because they could graze on the field without running out of food. Along with livestock, the families hunted local wildlife such as puffins and fished in the surrounding waters.

Rumors About The Residence

While there have been numerous theories, one of which involves the home of none other than the talented musical artist Bjork, who is also from Iceland, none of them are correct. Another theory is that the most isolated house and island belonged to a millionaire who desired complete isolation, but this is also false. In reality, the house was built in 1953 and belongs to no one – or at least no one person. The house is actually a hunting lodge owned by the Ellidaey Hunting Association, and it is off-limits to anyone who is not a member of the association or the family or friend of someone who is.

The island is a popular spot for puffin hunting, and when the members of the association are not out hunting, it serves as a place to sit and relax for a while. The house also has a sauna and is considered more of a cabin than a house because there is no electricity or indoor plumbing, making it a less desirable place to visit. So, if you thought it was the perfect isolated retreat belonging to an unknown celebrity, you were mistaken!

Because the lodge is so remote, there is no need for privacy fencing or any other type of protection from passersby, as it is unlikely to be noticed unless one is aware of its existence. The only ‘technology’ (if it can be called that) is a rainwater collection system, which is used for the sauna. Although the true story of the house on Elidaey Island does not evoke mythical or legendary imagery, it is intriguing to know that such a house exists and is still in use, even if it appears to have been abandoned for some time. For those who have the chance to see it, it’s still just as mysterious, even knowing the origins of when, and why, and for whom, it was built.

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