Is it true that flights are cheaper on Friday the 13th?

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If you have the courage, traveling on Friday the 13th can be the finest option.

If you don’t believe in ill luck, there are deals to be had on this day, according to the travel search engine Kayak.

On Friday, January 13, it discovered that flights inside the UK were about 19% cheaper and that tickets to Europe were about 39% less expensive.

Despite being one of the Fridays of the year with the most searches on Kayak, the date had some of the most reasonable prices.

According to Kayak, this may be because airlines and other travel service providers thought superstitious beliefs would affect demand. When numbering the rows of seats on airplanes, some carriers, like KLM, Ryanair, and Lufthansa, even omit row 13 altogether.

Using skyscanner, you can reserve a round-trip ticket from the UK to Barcelona for £60 (€67), Venice for £57 (€64), or Dublin for £49 (€55) on Friday the 13th.

Is it truly cheaper to book a flight on Friday the 13th?

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It’s a little late to book travel for Friday the 13th. The good news is that there will be another one in October, and according to Kayak’s data team, deals can be found there as well – it’s one of the cheapest days to book travel this year.

However, this is not always the case, and you cannot rely on superstitions to reduce the cost of your flight. Both of these superstitious days will be out of season in 2023, and the time of year has a significant impact on cost.

Friday is one of the most popular days to travel, so prices are typically higher due to increased demand as people leave for the weekend. However, depending on where you look, it may also be the cheapest.

Flights are generally cheaper in the middle of the week, and checking prices on dates opposite when you intend to travel is a much more reliable way to ensure your trip costs less.

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Is it bad luck to fly on Friday the 13th?

Though there are superstitions surrounding the date, it is not any more likely that you will be involved in an air accident.

According to a 2013 statistical analysis conducted by the Aviation Safety Network, it may actually be safer. It discovered that on Friday the 13th, the average number of fatal accidents was 0.067 per day, compared to 0.091 on any other date.

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