The World’s Most Overcrowded Tourist Destination in 2023

The World's Most Overcrowded Tourist Destination in 2023

According to, the Thai island of Phuket has been named the world’s most overcrowded tourist destination for 2023!

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With the travel industry returning to pre-pandemic levels, overtourism is once again a problem in well-known locations. Thailand’s Phuket is at the top of the list, followed by Pattaya and Krabi. It is one of Thailand’s most well-liked vacation spots and is particularly well-known among beach vacationers and those looking for a location to attend some of the biggest parties in the world.

In certain regions, the situation has gotten so terrible that the government has been obliged to take action to reduce the number of tourists.

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Bali is another location that has restricted tourism in order to curb overtourism. Venice, Athens, and Amsterdam have all taken steps to protect their lands from hordes in Europe. While the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, has chosen to impose a daily visiting cap, Venice has implemented a number of new tourist charges. However, Austrian citizens have begun to oppose the excessive number of tourists.

When it comes to the UK, Bath is the most crowded city, while the stunning Edinburgh Castle has become the most busy tourist destination.

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However, returning to Phuket, it comes as no surprise. There are more than 90 kilometres of coastline on this Thai island. Two of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Kata and Karon, draw visitors from all over the world. Scuba divers love these beaches as well, and there are also a ton of vibrant markets and fantastic seafood restaurants nearby.
The study estimates that there are 118 tourists on the island for every local inhabitant. Pattaya and Krabi are ranked second and third, respectively, on the list.

Here are the world’s top ten overcrowded destinations:

Phuket, Thailand
Pattaya, Thailand
Krabi, Thailand
Mugla, Turkey
Hurghada, Turkey
Macau, China
Heraklion, Greece
Venice, Italy
Rhodes, Greece
Miami, USA

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