A cotton-tailed TikTok star offers advice on traveling with your bunny

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Miffy the bunny’s first travel was a necessity. When Sami Chen moved to New York from Taiwan in 2018, she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her fluffy companion behind.

Miffy followed a pet travel company after she was settled.

“He came here by himself and he was really brave,” Sami, a classical pianist and fashion designer, says.

Miffy’s 25-year-old owner had no intention of picking up a new travel companion. “Bunnies are typically tense in new environments.” “They are easily stressed…it is extremely difficult for them to trust humans,” she says.

Miffy needed to stretch his legs after spending so much time in a cage during the flight and between homes.

Does Miffy the bunny like to travel?

As Sami points out, bunnies aren’t always suited to traveling. Miffy, on the other hand, appears unfazed.

“A few weeks ago, we went on vacation, and he was ‘binkying’ in the hotel room,” Sami recalls. “He was just dancing all around and it was really cute.”

When they return from their adventures, Miffy shows his affection by licking Sami and his relaxation by flopping onto his side – both of which indicate that he is a happy bunny.

“It just means he’s super relaxed and trusting,” Sami explains.

In terms of travel preferences, Miffy prefers to be a part of the jet set.

“Miffy likes the plane because it’s very smooth…

He eats and sleeps. But he dislikes the car because it is bumpy.”


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Miffy has only traveled around the United States so far, with the exception of his initial journey from Taiwan, but Sami hopes they can travel to Europe together someday.

Aside from Florida, the couple has traveled to Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, and other locations.

What are people’s reactions to a traveling bunny?

“People find it amusing to see me walking a bunny,” Sami says. “As a result, they began to ask for his Instagram.”

He didn’t have one, so Sami decided to make one for him. That is where his meteoric rise to fame began.

Miffy and his friend Mica, who was adopted by Sami in New York in 2021, now have nearly 120,000 Instagram followers, as well as over 570,000 TikTok followers and seven million likes.

“People enjoy his videos because they make them happy…

“He’s made a significant difference in the lives of many people,” Sami says.

What tips does Sami have for traveling with a rabbit?

Rabbits are especially vulnerable because their health can deteriorate quickly in an emergency.
As a result, Sami advises that the most important thing to do before traveling is to find the nearest vet or 24-hour animal hospital that treats rabbits.
He also advises taking things slowly.
“At first, don’t go too far,” Sami advises. She started out by taking Miffy to the park to see how he did. She took him on an hour-long trip once he was more at ease, and only went further once he trusted her.
Not all rabbits are suitable for travel, and much depends on their personality and daily living situation.

“I know it’s a lot of travel – especially for bunnies who are at home all day and have never been out, they’ll be scared of the environment,” Sami says.
“It really depends on the rabbit situation.” But it’s important to let them go outside, get some sunshine, and explore.”

Finally, she stresses the significance of rest.

“It’s a lot even for humans when we travel by plane or car…

So I usually let the bunnies rest for a day before letting them out.”

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