What I didn’t like in Bali!

Bali, Island of the Gods …
Trying to describe the beauty of the place with a few more or less successful photos is easy. However, it is complicated to describe the lust for life, the positive, delightful energy of the people here, energy from which, without wanting to, take something with you when you leave the island and also miss it as soon as you get home .. :)However, there is one thing I didn’t like in Bali: the tourists! Better said their number.

This beautiful place on earth has lately become a bit too commercial. You’ve probably seen countless photos of the iconic places on the island that instantly made you want to visit this place. And it is far from me to suggest that it is not worth it! On the contrary, it is worth the effort.


It just has to be said from the outset that when you visit the well-known sights, be it temples, beaches, waterfalls, Balinese dance performances or rice terraces, you will not be alone. đź™‚ You will be joined by many other people from all over the world and eager to fill their soul with the joy of being there.

And that behind every successful photo, there is a lot, a lot of patience and the ability to capture the happy frame without appearing another person who “knit” the picture. The roads that lead to these sights are of course often very crowded.

One solution may be to choose less publicized or promoted places. And Bali offers this for us!

What I know for sure is that I will return to this island sometime, first of all because of its inhabitants … or maybe because of the sticks’ s  smell, which I still feel and which I miss …