Here’s How Google’s AI Tool Can Help You Plan Your Next Vacation

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With Google’s AI Tool, to plan your upcoming vacation from beginning to end will soon be simpler.

Recently, a number of new capabilities were added to Google’s Bard AI service that will help travelers both before and during their trip. Bard is a conversational AI service (like ChatGPT), but the incorporation of a user’s data makes it more like a personal concierge.

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In order to communicate with the AI service seamlessly, Google said that the Bard service may now be connected with a variety of Google applications, including Gmail, Google Flights, and Google Maps. For instance, you may now design prompts to find out the length of the flight, your preferences, and the distance between locations.

Bard’s director of product management, Yury Pinsky, shared an example of how the service might be utilized for vacation planning in a blog post: You can now ask Bard to look up real-time flight and hotel information, see Google Maps directions to the airport, see YouTube videos of things to do there, and look up the dates that work for everyone from Gmail — all within one conversation — if you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.

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Travelers might find cheaper flights or more places to explore if they can connect Google Flights and Bard. Recent updates to Google Flights include new tools that can forecast when a traveler will be able to get the cheapest airline deals.

Visitors who want to sample Bard can do so right now at for no cost.

Travelinyourownway has previously covered the emergence of artificial intelligence in the travel sector. For instance, TUI has included ChatGPT to its mobile phone app in the UK.

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  1. Too right! The emergence of AI tools presents exciting potential to automate and personalize vacation planning in ways that maximize enjoyment while minimizing hassle.

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