New York lifts COVID-related restrictions; celebrates it with fireworks

New York has lifted all COVID-related restrictions. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced lifting of all major COVID restrictions across the state, as around 70 per cent of its population has already received at least one dose of COVID vaccination jab.

The Governor announced that the state has achieved an important milestone, and that they will be making all the efforts to keep pushing to do more. He told a news conference that the state would continue to encourage more New Yorkers to get vaccinated.

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Further, to celebrate this ocassion, as many as 13 landmarks in the state were lit blue and gold, whereas 10 sites across New York State witnessed display of fireworks on Tuesday night.

As per the reports, restrictions across social and commercial settings have been lifted. Elaborating more on this, Cuomo added that some limitations based on guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would remain in place, with mitigation measures still required in public transit and healthcare settings.

Reportedly, businesses will no longer require vaccinated people maintian six feet distance and also wear masks for precatution. However, those unvaccinated would still be required to wear masks and maintain distancing in public. The unvaccinated residents might also need to show proof of a recent negative Coronavirus test to gain entrance to some event venues.

Reports have it that now most US states are moving forward to lift or ease COVID-related restrictions as the virus abates and vaccinations drive progresses.

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And regarding travel, the Governor added that the New York State will also be implementing a $40 million campaign to draw international and domestic tourists to New York.


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