The cheapest and most expensive cities in Europe have been revealed

A new analysis by the financial comparison site has found the most inexpensive and most expensive cities to visit in Europe.

Istanbul has been rated as the most affordable European city break option, with total costs averaging little over £68. The city is well-known as a historical and cultural hotspot, with some of the greatest attractions, such as the top-rated Dolmabahce Palace, costing less than £6.50. The Greek city of Thessaloniki and the German city of Berlin are two other reasonable locations, with an average cost of a holiday in each city of just over £78.82 and £87.25, respectively.

Istanbul, Turkey

While travel and a glass of wine are more expensive in Berlin than in Thessaloniki, a visit to the top-rated destination is free, allowing you to save money while seeing the attractions.

Five of the top twenty most affordable city breaks are in Italy, with the southern city of Naples being the fifth most affordable, costing just over £99 in total. Bologna, Milan, and Florence are also among the most cost-effective locations, with vacations costing between £116 and £135. The most expensive Italian city break is in Rome, which costs little over £140 in total.

Lisbon, Portugal
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Top 20 Cheapest European City Break Destinations

RankCityAverage cost Airbnb (£)Bus Fare (£)Top Rated Attraction (£)White Wine (£)Cheapest Meal (£)Total (£)
1Istanbul, Turkey51.380.716.464.814.9268.28
2Thessaloniki, Greece62.251.526.663.275.0278.72
3Berlin, Germany62.837.4204.1912.8187.25
4Porto, Portugal73.745.49.162.517.998.71
5Naples, Italy77.083.88.332.936.8899.02
6Athens, Greece72.93.4616.653.775.82102.6
7Valencia, Spain69.5512.6619.822.267.02111.31
8Bologna, Italy99.695.0602.519.44116.7
9Lisbon, Portugal82.125.4415.826.76.88116.96
10Antwerp, Belgium92.156.3354.1911.36119.03
11Vienna, Austria69.544.8941.643.775.82125.66
12Brussels, Belgium77.096.588.334.632.44129.04
13Florence, Italy103.0411.81104.53.74133.09
14Milan, Italy103.083.816.664.66.4134.54
15Munich, Germany107.266.928.335.867.02135.39
16Rome, Italy107.275.916.672.937.49140.26
17Barcelona, Spain88.8113.8424.983.3510.05141.03
18Stockholm, Sweden101.7110.4913.328.2911.44145.25
19Paris, France108.1111.1313.335.98.92147.39
20Madrid, Spain113.17.0812.52.913.73149.31

Most expensive cities to visit in Europe

Dublin is the most expensive city break, with an average night’s stay costing an eye-watering £252.88. The city is known for being one of the more expensive cities to visit, with a 24-hour ticket costing £8.43 and a visit to the city’s top-rated attraction costing more than £20. Meanwhile, in the UK, while you might expect London to be the most expensive city break, Edinburgh takes the top spot for UK cities – with a visit costing an average of more than £229, followed by Manchester at an average of £208.45.

Dublin, Ireland
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Zurich, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Geneva round out the top ten most expensive city breaks. While a visit to a top attraction may be less expensive than in other cities, a glass of wine in Oslo may cost less than £10.

The top 12 most expensive city breaks in Europe

RankCityAverage Airbnb (£)Bus Fare (£)Top Rated Attraction (£)White Wine (£)Cheapest Meal (£)Total (£)
1Dublin, Ireland252.888.4320.835.9411.65299.73
2Prague, Czech Republic2104.158.584.625.63232.98
3Edinburgh, United Kingdom1904.5185.2511.6229.35
4Manchester, United Kingdom1644.2254.2511208.45
5Zurich, Switzerland142.2911.6523.185.7817.2200.1
6London, United Kingdom1455.
7Amsterdam, Netherlands137.47.1716.664.614.06179.89
8Copenhagen, Denmark126.7318.1311.375.9216.98179.13
9Oslo, Norway113.159.4311.469.8712.07155.98
10Geneva, Switzerland112.238.4311.993.6818.02154.35
11Seville, Spain121.474.2212.082.5912.89153.25
12Bristol, United Kingdom1115.319.53.999.95149.74

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