Activity at RDU airport was disrupted by a massive water leak

Major delays and large lineups out of Terminal 2 due to a power outage at RDU.

Lines are extremely long in Terminal 2 because, with the exception of the emergency lighting inside the terminal, nothing electronic is working, reports

Passengers’ bags are manually checked, placed on carts, and rolled to the baggage claim area. Because none of their electronic scanners are working, the TSA is manually patting down passengers to check them in.

The line at the airport wraps around the lobby and doubles back on itself several times.

The majority of RDU flights are listed as “delayed” on the airport’s flight status monitor. Southwest flights appear to be unaffected because they are scheduled to depart from Terminal 1.

Two American Airlines flights from Los Angeles to Charlotte were diverted. Many other arrivals are listed as delayed on the flight tracker, despite the fact that some claim to have arrived at RDU.

The outage began between 1:30 and 2 a.m. There is no timetable for when the power will be restored, so everyone is asked to be patient.

Anyone flying out of RDU on Friday morning is advised to check their airline’s flight status before arriving.

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