This year, Berlin’s iconic Christmas markets will return, albeit with some restrictions

This year, the world-famous Christmas markets of Berlin, Germany, have returned. Germany is known for its traditional Christmas markets, but they were closed last Christmas because of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the lovely markets are back this year, complete with glittering lights, carousels, and ice skating.

However, as a precaution, the festivities have resumed this year with some obligatory limits. Visitors to the markets will be required to show their COVID-19 status before entering to shop.

Christmas market organizers will be permitted to use 3G or 2G COVID-19 limitations, according to the Berlin Senate. People above the age of 12 must show confirmation of vaccination, recovery, or a negative COVID-19 result to access when markets reopen on November 22. People will have to produce proof of immunization or recuperation just to gain entrance under the 2G standards.

A number of well-known markets, including Rotes Rathaus, Zitadelle Spandau, and Gendarmenmarkt, have been rumored to apply for the 2G rule, according to the Visit Berlin tourism authority.

Christmas and Christmas markets appear to be very popular in Germany. During the winter season, these markets draw visitors from all around the world. In total, Berlin is responsible for 80 similar markets around the world. The Nuremberg Christmas Market in Bavaria is the most well-known, with approximately two million people each year.

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