What are the best cities in the world for a workation?

It’s time for the workation: a fun mix of working and Work-related vacations are those in which you travel to a new location and work from there for at least part Because long-term or flexible remote working has grown in popularity in recent years, workations are now a viable choice for more people than ever before.


So Holidu.co.uk has created a new Workation Index assessing the finest cities in the world for combining business and pleasure!

They created the index by analyzing a number of factors that every wanderlusting remote worker will consider important, and we then determined which cities around the world rank the highest for these factors.

best cities in the world for a workation
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This included the monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment, the number of activities rated four stars or higher, the cost of after-work drinks, the average number of hours of sunshine, and, most importantly, the wi-fi speed.


The Top Ten Cities For A Workation

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. New Delhi, India
3. Lisbon, Portugal
4. Barcelona, Spain

best cities in the world for a workation
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5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. Budapest, Hungary
7. Mumbai, India
8. Istanbul, Turkey
9. Bucharest, Romania

best cities in the world for a workation
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10. Phuket, Thailand

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