A paradisiacal island will once again host the year’s most anticipated secret festival

Island of Ibiza (NASA, International Space Station, 03/22/13)

The the year’s most anticipated secret festival, SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia festival with zero emissions is back. A vibrant, musical, and sensory event that demonstrates the viability of a different festival format. This prestigious event returns to Formentera from October 6 to October 8 under the moniker “THE CHALLENGE” to transcend its relationship to the island, its inhabitants, and its traditions. Only 350 fortunate individuals will be able to spend three days enjoying the beaches, sunsets, and unexpected situations of this paradisiacal island in this trip that transcends music. Additionally, the secret festival-goers who showed the greatest dedication to the environment were recognized during a special pre-sale for this seventh edition.

Photo by Elisa Giaccaglia on Pexels.com

The annual event, which takes place in the middle of the Mediterranean towards the end of the summer, is built on five components that come together to create a singular experience. Its secret lineup, assembled by Sinsal, astounds by fusing up-and-coming musicians with legendary musicians who are presently tough to observe up close. Chef Pepe Solla’s Michelin-starred culinary proposal will combine the best regional 0km products with the culinary traditions of the Atlantic and Mediterranean, making it the ideal complement to Estrella Galicia’s celebration of beer culture.

The goal of creating a positive impact in a zero emissions event starting in 2021, which is committed to decarbonization, the circular economy, the preservation of ecosystems, sustainable transportation, and awareness, serves as the foundation for all of this. And finally, the magnificent island of Formentera, the undeniable star that will be explored via a variety of routes and activities led by professionals in this enchanted natural setting.

The opportunity to respectfully engage with the environment will once again be reserved for only 350 persons at SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia. Since the event’s start, one of its key goals has been to assist the Save Posidonia Project initiative in order to safeguard the oceanic posidonia, the plant that gives its waters their stunning blue color.

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