Amsterdam, NEMO Science Museum – fun for ALL

When we went to visit Amsterdam, for reasons you all intuit, we decided to go without taking the child with us and, overall, it turned out to be a wise decision, except for one goal on our list: NEMO Science Museum.

NEMO Science Museum is a popular science and technology museum located in one of Amsterdam’s most renowned buildings. NEMO is great for both kids and adults alike, with exhibitions academically designed in order to inspire and actively stimulate the mind.

NEMO Science Museum
credit: NEMO DigiDaan

Located only a few minutes away from the Amsterdam Central Station, in a breathtaking building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, the creator of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the NEMO Science Museum welcomes you all year round for a fun visit filled with discoveries.

In Amsterdam we stayed at XO Hotels Couture, where we felt great. To get here, we took tram number 2 to Central Station and from here we walked about 15 minutes.  Leave the main entrance of Central Station and turn left. The price of an adult ticket is 17.5 euros. But we used the I Amsterdam City Card which has free access included.

NEMO Humania entree – Foto DigiDaan

Why you should not miss a visit to the NEMO Science Museum?

The museum’s purpose is simple: introduce children and adults to the curiosities of the world of science and technologies. If you are keen to understand the mechanisms that govern how the world functions, the NEMO Science Museum is made for you!

Optical iullion

The building’s five floors offer many exhibitions, fun experiments, workshops, and demonstrations. Constantly updated throughout the year, these activities help you, for example, understand puzzling everyday natural phenomena, analyse mechanisms that govern the universe, learn why you look like your parents so much, or see how your face will change in the next thirty years thanks to an ageing machine.

Educational, fun, and interactive, the NEMO Science Museum is a perfect place to enchant and teach the youngest. As such, several activities are designed especially for them. But not only for them! This is the case of the NEMO laboratory, for instance, which will give them the opportunity to don a lab coat and conduct experiments like real scientists, or the “Teen Facts” exhibition, which will explain to them what happens inside their body when they kiss for the first time!

exhibitions academically designed

About all the exhibitions you can see, read on the museum’s official website:

And the visit would not have been complete without taking a look in the NEMO shop. Packed full of intriguing scientific souvenirs for budding young Einsteins, the NEMO Shop is the ideal place to end your visit to NEMO Science Museum. But you don’t have to visit the museum to have a peek in the shop – with everything from plasma balls and ‘bouncing eggs’ to molecule models and the ‘Da Vinci Watch’, you’re sure to find the perfect present for science lovers of all ages.

We spent a few good hours here without realizing how time passed, trying with many other adults and children a lot of experiments.

NEMO Foto DigiDaan

And now we know that if our son had been with us, it would have been very difficult for the museum staff to explain to him at the end of the program that we had to leave …

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