Use the Skyscanner Savings Generator to find a cheap summer vacation

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Explore Skyscanner’s statistics this summer to discover the cheapest times to visit popular destinations. The Skyscanner Savings Generator analyzes average price data to provide advice and assist you in finding the best airfare deals.

To create the Savings Generator, Skyscanner’s data scientists examined millions of flights over the course of a year. With a new, additional layer of data for flights in July and August that provides the cheapest weeks of the summer holidays to travel, it uses average price data across some of your favorite routes to reveal how to make the best travel savings. You’re coming, sea and sun!

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You can see if you’re getting a good deal by using this ingenious generator, which provides recommendations on the typical travel price. Additionally, it displays the cheapest day of the week to travel as well as the typical monthly cost to the most well-liked locations. And a breakdown of your possible savings on top of all that. Why not adore it?

Finding affordable flights has always been a passion of ours, and today, value for money is more crucial than ever. Even though living expenses are high, you should still be able to afford a much-needed summer vacation. We are pleased to share our data with you in order to assist you save money on your upcoming vacation because we daily scan billions of rates without favoring any certain airlines.

How it works

To find out if your preferred route is available, enter it into the Savings Generator. If not, simply save the page and return. New locations are always being added to the list.

The Savings Generator starts by providing the typical monthly flight cost for your location in order to create a comparison. From there, it displays the most affordable day to fly as well as the ideal time to book your trip. The Generator shows various locations, their average monthly flight costs, and the most cost-effective day to travel if you’d want to think about a less expensive option.

Skyscanner are in a great position to give you this information. After all, we have unbiased information from numerous airlines and reservation services. We want to make it easier for you to travel on a budget so you can experience everything you desire.

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