The narcissus glade in the Rodna Mountains has blossomed – VIDEO

The administration of the Rodna Mountains National Park announces the tourists interested in hiking in Poiana with daffodils from Valea Vinului that it is ready to welcome them “, write those from the Rodna Mountains National Park.

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According to them, the optimal interval for visiting Poiana cu Narcise is about 1-2 weeks from now: “We want tourists who will visit Poiana cu Narcise to enjoy the unique landscape, to take photos, to stop to admire the area and we also ask to be informed about the weather before departure, not to pick flowers, not to abandon garbage, to keep a civilized behavior ”.

From Valea Vinului, two better paths lead to Mount Saca: the first climb to the west to Dealul Popii, and the second follows Valea Secii and then climbs the southern slope of Dealul Popii.

The road to the top of Saca takes 3 hours from Valea Vinului.

APNMR recommends the route on Dealul Popii, which is marked with indicator arrows.

Payment for the business card can be made by SMS.

The daffodil glade on the Saca Massif, included in the Rodna Mountains National Park, is a protected area of national interest located in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, in Rodna commune, Valea Vinului village.

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