10 unique things about Sweden that you probably didn’t know

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe, which occupies the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and borders Norway and Finland and is internationally recognized for the quality of life of its citizens. Statistics show that the inhabitants of this country use 52% of energy from renewable sources and even 99% of the waste that this country produces ends up being recycled, notes Swedish Nomad.

This state is a constitutional monarchy, currently ruled by King Carl XVI Gustaf and has its capital in Stockholm. Statistics show that a large part of Sweden’s population, 86%, lives in urban areas. The following is a list of ten unique things about this country:

1. Forests

Statistics show that 2/3 of Sweden’s surface is covered by forests, covering an area of 280,650 square kilometers.

2. Surface

With an area of 447,435 square kilometers, Sweden ranks fifth in this respect in Europe, but at the same time ranks second in terms of the lowest human density per square kilometer.

3. The elk

There are about 3,400,000 wild elk living in forests; they could form one of the largest cities in Sweden if they came together. It should be noted that this population is kept under control by hunters.

4. The cities

Given that a large part of Sweden’s population lives in urban areas, cities generally have fairly large populations, this is the list of the five largest cities, in terms of population:






5. Freedom to wander

Swedish citizens have the right to wander, Allemansratten, which means that they can go for walks or excursions in the forests of Sweden, whether they belong to the state or to private individuals.

Obviously, there are a number of limits to this right, but they are restricted to agricultural areas and gardens near human settlements. However, even with these limits, Swedes can venture into the forests to pick mushrooms or berries.

6. Recycling

At the beginning of the article we mentioned that Sweden recycles 99% of the waste it produces, but that’s not all, apparently, Swedish companies actually import waste from other countries and even manage to make a good profit from their collection and recycling.

7. Inventors

Statistics show that Sweden has the highest number of invention patents compared to the total population of Europe. Among the best known inventors are Alfred Nobel, with dynamite, or Rune Elmqvist, with pacemaker.

8. Acts of charity

The Swedes are proud to be generous, and this seems to be supported even by statisticians: about 1% of the gross domestic product ends up being donated to various causes.

9. Music exports

One of the most famous bands in history: ABBA was formed in Sweden, with fans even today. However, over time, this country has offered the world many artists who have reached the biggest stages in the world: Zara Larsson, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Robyn, Måns Zelmerlöv or Lykke Li.

10. One of the best passports

Holders of a Swedish passport can travel without a visa to 124 countries and can obtain a visa on the spot in another 33 countries. Some statistics show that the Swedish passport ranks third in the world in terms of the freedom of travel it offers you.

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