What are the top takeaways from Tripadvisor’s latest Seasonal Travel Index?

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Tripadvisor has released its newest Seasonal Travel Index, which forecasts worldwide travel patterns and demand for the next three months. The Index features main takeaways for the forthcoming season, as well as country-specific Tripadvisor demand data and insights from the company’s most recent traveller attitude poll.


Takeaways from Tripadvisor’s Seasonal Travel Index

The majority of travelers are planning summer vacations.

With summer approaching in Singapore, the following three months appear to be exceptionally busy for travel, with more than three-quarters of those polled (84%) planning leisure excursions between June and August. The vast majority of these travelers (97%) want to travel the same (31%) or more (66%) than they did last year.

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Most will increase their spending from last year

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Over half of those surveyed (68%) to spend more on travel in the coming few months compared to the same period last year, while approximately a quarter (26%) anticipate to spend around the same amount. Despite a bleak economic prognosis for many markets, only 6% intend to cut back on their spending. In fact, 50% of travelers surveyed indicated that macroeconomic factors would alter their travel plans over the next three months, with 62% of these individuals citing higher living expenses as a result of inflation. A third (39%) will make fewer journeys, while over two-fifths (43%) will travel for shorter amounts of time.

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City breaks are still common

According with Tripadvisor Travel Index, beach resorts typically rank well on lists of the best places for summer vacations, but between June and August, demand for travel will continue to be dominated by the world’s biggest cities. Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul are expected to be the most popular international vacation destinations over the next three months, according to site usage data from Tripadvisor. The data indicates that London will be the most popular destination, followed by Singapore and Paris, even in Australia, where tourists generally flock to South-East Asia for winter sun.

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Younger tourists keen to vacation this season says Tripadvisor Travel Index

With the Index showing that this generation is more likely than others to travel this coming season, millennials in particular seem keen to get back out there. However, younger respondents (Gen Z and millennials) are also more likely than older groups to change their future travel plans as a result of macroeconomic circumstances (49% versus 31%, on average).

Planning a vacation and seeking novel experiences

A trend toward more experiencing trip components is highlighted by the fact that more than two thirds of respondents (69%) have already booked or intend to book on-trip activities before their forthcoming trip. In comparison to previous age groups, Gen Z and Millennial travelers are more likely to reserve experiences and activities in advance (68% vs. 41%, on average).

“With so many eager to get away this summer, early planning and booking are vital to secure preferred accommodations, flights, and experiences. With many consumers conscious of cost in the current climate, a little flexibility during the planning process can help to drive down the price of their trips. For example, when we look at the top international destinations over the next three months, Bangkok hotel prices are lowest during the week July 24-30, while June 19-25 is the most affordable week to visit Hong Kong.”

Alice Jong, Research and Insights Senior Analyst, Media at Tripadvisor


Top Destinations

  • Dates of search: January 10 – April 10, 2023
  • Dates of travel: May 29 – August 31, 2023


OverallDomestic              International
1. Paris, France1. Orlando, U.S.1. Paris, France
2. London, U.K.2. Myrtle Beach, U.S.2. London, U.K.
3. Rome, Italy3. Las Vegas, U.S.3. Rome, Italy
4. Cancun, Mexico4. Honolulu, U.S.4. Cancun, Mexico
5. Barcelona, Spain5. London, U.K.5. Barcelona, Spain
6. New York City, U.S.6. New York City, U.S.6. Punta Cana, Caribbean
7. Antalya, Turkey7. Key West, U.S.7. Antalya, Turkey
8. Punta Cana, Caribbean8. Lahaina, Hawaii8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. Orlando, U.S.9. Ocean City, MD.9. New York City, U.S.
10. Amsterdam, Netherlands10. Chicago, Ill.10. Singapore

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