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Due to an increase in tourist misbehavior on the island, Bali, an Indonesian island renowned for its natural beauty, is thinking of enacting a tourist tax on travelers. These include disobeying traffic laws, invading places of worship, and abusing work permits. According to reports, the tax revenue will go toward supporting conservation efforts on the island, such as coral reef and mangrove reef restoration.

Due to an increase in rowdy visitors breaking various traffic laws, Bali very recently (March) raised the prospect of outlawing tourists using two-wheelers to get around the Indonesian island.


The island, one of Indonesia’s most well-liked travel destinations, is now thinking of imposing a tourism tax on visitors. According to reports, Bali has had to expel a number of tourists for misusing their work visas, disobeying traffic laws, and disrespecting the island’s holy sites.
The majority of visitors come to Bali primarily to enjoy the natural splendor of the island, which includes its rice terraces, volcanic mountains, clean beaches, and forest. Numerous adventure vacation possibilities and the island’s distinctive and colorful cultures and customs, in addition to its natural beauty, draw many visitors each year.

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It’s no secret that Bali is one of the top low-cost travel destinations in the world, but due to an increase in criminal activity, the island may soon impose a tourist tax.
According to sources, the administration has ideas about how to employ the increased tax. According to sources, the tax money will go toward a variety of conservation projects on the island, with a particular emphasis on projects to restore the mangroves and the coral reefs. It appears that visitors will be able to make the island resort far more alluring and environmentally rich after all.

Consider it possibly as your gift to the neighborhood ecology.
Let’s hope that tourists promise to behave better and be more respectful of local laws and regulations while we wait for this to happen.

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