The best destinations for solo female travellers

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SportsCover Direct, a specialist sports travel insurance provider, has identified the best destinations for solo female travel based on women’s safety scores, the number of solo tours, the percentage of five-star hotels, and the number of activities rated five stars on TripAdvisor.

Brits are more interested in solo travel than ever before, with a 125* percent increase! If you’re planning a solo adventure, there’s no need to wait for friends to confirm my participation. However, for some women, this trending experience may present more concern than opportunity.

According to a survey, the biggest deterrent to solo travel, particularly for women, is safety concerns. Half of women (50 percent) are concerned about traveling abroad on their own, which was most likely triggered by various news stories about negative experiences.

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However, the benefits of solo female travel outweigh the drawbacks, with discussions about safety uniting women all over the world. Many people are embracing their freedom more than ever before and refusing to let it prevent them from having a rewarding experience. SportsCover Direct has researched the best and safest destinations for solo female travelers around the world to help empower women around the world and feel more confident going on a solo adventure.

The best destinations across the world for female solo travellers

RankCountrySafety Score for womenNumber of solo tours% of 5 star Hotels% of 5 star activitiesOverall score out of 50

“Travelling alone can be intimidating as for many it’s a new experience, you’re on unfamiliar ground and adjusting to different cultures. But, bad things can happen anywhere and this shouldn’t hold people back from enjoying a rewarding experience. Here’s how you can enjoy travelling by yourself without fear and with the confidence to go on an adventure alone. Do your research. Whether it’s researching the neighbourhood you are staying, the accommodation and activities, if you have all the information you need you’ll be prepared for anything! Make sure you’re covered. When travelling it’s always important to have the correct insurance for the activities you may want to explore. From kayaking to hiking, there are many sports activities that won’t be covered by your travel cover policies – make sure you’re covered in case an accident happens while you’re away. Find people with similar interests. Solo tours that tie in with your interests are a great way to find connections with similar interests when travelling – solo travel doesn’t necessarily mean travelling alone. Stay Somewhere With Multiple Positive Ratings. When travelling alone, you can feel more vulnerable when in an unfamiliar place. Before booking your accommodation, only stay in a place which has multiple positive reviews. The reviews typically give you an idea of the host, neighbourhood and the standard of your accommodation.”

Elina Ilieva, Digital Marketing Executive from SportsCover Direct

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