What you need to know about Cyprus digital nomad visa

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If the workplace is making you ill read this: Cyprus has introduced a digital nomad visa.

One of the most recent nations to benefit from the rise in remote employment since the pandemic started is the sunny island.

The 100-nomad passport was made available to non-EU citizens in 2021.

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The Cypriot administration raised this cap to 500 visas in 2022.

So if beaches, Mediterranean climate, and old history sound appealing, keep reading because we’ve got all the information you need about the nation’s new visa.

The Cyprus digital nomad program is open to whom?

Non-EU/EEA nationals who labor for an employer registered outside of Cyprus are eligible for the Cyprus digital nomad visa.

You must earn at least €3,500 each month after deducting contributions and fees.
Although they are not allowed to work in Cyprus, digital nomads are free to travel with their families. Nomads can file for a second two-year extension after the initial one-year permit expires.

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How to obtain a visa for digital nomads in Cyprus

Make an appointment at the Cypriot embassy in your home nation to begin the application procedure.

You’ll need your passport – valid for at least three months after your arrival in the nation – and a range of other documents. These consist of:

evidence of wealth (bank statements and payslips)
a resume

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An intent statement outlining your reasons for wanting to work in Cyprus
evidence of €30,000 in health and disaster insurance for the duration of your visit to Cyprus
evidence that you have rented a place in Cyprus
a document attesting to your lack of crime history
Additionally, you will need to submit a registration form and pay an application fee of €70.

It will take five weeks to three months to get clearance.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, successful applicants must appear at a subsequent meeting at the Civil Registry and Migration Department’s offices in Nicosia, the country of Cyprus’s city.

What to do in Cyprus as a digital traveler

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Cyprus is a great place for digital nomads, with its quick internet and selection of collaborative spaces in cities.

But once you log off, the island truly comes into its own.

There are a variety of historic ruins to explore, with human habitation going back to 10,000 BC. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails.

The Tombs of the Kings are worthwhile to explore as well. A UNESCO global heritage site, this structure was carved out of solid rock.

The island is renowned for its nightlife, beaches, and delicious local food.

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