After a 21-year hiatus, Cyprus will re-establish a sea link with the rest of the world

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Cyprus has re-established regular sea link with the rest of the world after a 21-year hiatus. The occasion was marked by the launch of a ferry from Limassol, Cyprus, to Greece.

This sea link will benefit both countries in terms of tourism and the economy. The addition of modern ships on this route means that passengers will have a more comfortable sailing experience. The last time there was a sea link between Cyprus and Greece was in October 2001.
With air travel becoming a more frequent, faster, and less expensive option, more people began flying to and from Athens. As a result, the ferries were discontinued.

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Of course, some people prefer leisure sailing trips; in response, the service has been restarted. These ferries can also transport private vehicles. The demand for the ferry service to be resumed grew over time, leading to the current situation.

Daleena, a cruise company registered in Cyprus, will operate the sea ferry service. The 30-hour cruise can accommodate 270 passengers and 100 cars at the same time. This is a very interesting development; as of now, those who want to go on a self-driving vacation to Greece or vice versa have the option of getting their own vehicles.

yprus will re-establish a sea link with the rest of the world
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Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island nation in the Mediterranean region, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, just south of Turkey.

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