On a wildlife safari, an angry rhino attacks tourists; the truck flips, injuring 7 people

gray rhino in macro photography

What would you do if you were on a safari ride in a national park and an angry rhino or another wild animal started chasing you? So, if you can, simply try to remain calm!

A rhinoceros assaulted an SUV transporting a group of tourists at the Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal recently, which was the scene of a similar event. Not only this, but the SUV also overturned after being attacked since the driver lost control of it. According to reports, the event happened while tourists were taking pictures of a angry rhino on a wildlife trip.

For everyone involved, the wildlife trip truly turned into a nightmare. Yet when the spooky video footage appeared online, it attracted a lot of attention and some people even questioned the level of protection offered in the national parks. Two rhinoceros charged towards the safari vehicle while it was being recorded, and when the driver hurriedly attempted to turn the vehicle around, the jeep crashed into a park ditch.

Akash Deep Badhawan, an employee of the Indian Forest Services (IFS), posted the video on Twitter. He noted: “It’s high time that all national wildlife safaris adopted safety and rescue regulations for adventure sports. Today, safaris are more of an adventure sport! Today is Jaldapara! “.
According to reports, seven vacationers suffered injuries. According to reports, the driver was unable to notice the ditch behind the car, and as a result, the car crashed into it, hurting everyone inside, including the driver.

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