Improved Family Seating Policy by United Airlines

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A new family seating policy that makes it simple and free for kids to fly with their families has been unveiled by United Airlines.

Travelers with children under 12 can now see additional seat options right away thanks to the airline’s investment in a new seat map function that automatically detects available neighboring seats when making a reservation.

United Chief Customer Officer Linda Johnson stated, ““In an era where more families are working in a hybrid environment, they’re traveling more often – and they’re flying United.”

Beginning in early March, the entire policy modification—including for customers who purchase Basic Economy tickets—will take effect. The online seat engine first evaluates all free Economy seats that are available, then if necessary, opens up gratis upgrades to available Preferred Seats.

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The new United policy permits customers to switch for free to a trip to the same destination with seat availability in the same cabin if nearby seats become unavailable before travel. Passengers are not charged if there is a difference in fare price.

The right seat is frequently the first place for a fantastic experience for our younger guests and their parents, Jojo continued. This year, we’re excited to introduce new family-friendly features.

According to United officials, the airline has been working since last summer to seat families more effectively. To do this, the company has optimized its seat engine to give priority to families who did not have seats assigned before their day of travel and to prioritize adjacent seating for families during schedule changes, aircraft swaps, and irregular operations.

United Polaris, United First Class, and United Economy Plus seats continue to be distinct offerings and are not affected by this modification in the family seating policy.

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