This airline is awarding prizes to passengers who choose the middle seat

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Flying has always been an expensive endeavor, but imagine how you’ll feel if you get the middle seat. The disappointment of not being able to enjoy the window view or have easy access to the restroom makes the middle seat the least desirable seat to select on a flight.

And if you fly in economy and get the least desirable seat, the middle seat, it will make your journey even more comfortable. As a result, it becomes one of the dreaded horrors that most people try to avoid at all costs—the dreaded middle seat.

In such a case, Virgin Australia intends to celebrate the horror. According to recent news, the airline has launched its Middle Seat Lottery, with over $230,000 in prizes, making the unlucky seat the most desirable seat!
In response, the Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Australia Group stated that Virgin Australia is an airline that is trying to do things differently and is developing exciting innovations to improve every aspect of the travel experience.

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Jayne went on to say that they are now giving their loyal customers the chance to win from a prize pool worth over $230,000 simply by sitting in the middle seat.

According to reports, the winner of a lucky draw will receive a different prize each week. A full day helicopter pub crawl, a two-night holiday in Cairns including flights, a bungee jump, and much more will be among the innovative gifts available from the airline.

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