Bucharest – Phuket, round trip flight, flexible ticket, December 30, 2020 – January 13, 2021, 521 euros

2020 was for everyone a year that did not necessarily start in the best conditions, and our holidays are compromised. So why not already think about 2021 which will definitely be a better year! And how can we greet him more beautifully than in an enchanting place: Phuket, Thailand

Fotografie de Humphrey Muleba pe Pexels.com

Here is the opportunity: return flight, flexible ticket (you can change the dates and destination of the trip at any time), departure December 30, 2020, return January 13, 2021, price 521 euros

Details about flight and reservation you can find here!

You can also find accommodation for all 13 nights at prices starting from 135 euros per room here!

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