Spain is issuing a travel warning as airport workers vote to strike

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The summer of travel chaos is set to continue, with airport workers across Spain voting to strike. Workers are planning 24-hour stoppages on 25 days between September and December to protest working conditions and low pay.
Holidaymakers are urged to double-check their flights before departing. There will be five days of strike action in September, seven in October, two in November, and eleven in December.

Spain’s three major labor unions, USO, CCOO, and UGT, are at odds with airport operator AENA. As a result, car park attendants, baggage handlers, security, information technology, retail, and catering workers have all voted to strike in airports from Spain.

The planned September strike dates are September 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, and 29th. Meanwhile, the December dates include a five-day period from December 26 to December 30, designed to cause maximum disruption during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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Passengers are advised to monitor travel updates as flight cancellations are possible if a resolution is not reached between unions and airlines. If your flight is canceled, follow our advice on what to do and your rights.

It comes as a result of global strike action that has caused travel chaos. Both easyJet and Ryanair have had to cancel flights due to staff strikes, including pilots.

Travelers have been advised to ensure that everything is in order prior to their vacation. This includes checking visa requirements, Covid vaccination requirements, and ensuring your passport is valid for the appropriate period of time.

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