Travel eco friendly. The ultimate challenge: from Lisbon, Portugal to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by train!

To travel by train from Lisbon in Portugal to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, the main route leads via Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Russia and China. Your travel route could be like that: Lisbon (Portugal) – Hendaye (France) – Paris (France) – Moscow (Russia) – Beijing (China) – Hanoi (Vietnam) – Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) with a total length of 11402 km. I know that at first glance it seems like a crazy idea, but just think how many wonderful places you can see and what extraordinary experiences you can live. You can plan your trip so that you can stop for a day or two in the cities that you consider to have the most interesting things to offer.

Travelling from Lisbon (Portugal) to Hendaye (France)

To travel from Portugal to France by train, there are two main routes. It depends from where your destination is in France. The first route is by direct night train from Lisbon to the Spanish-French border at Hendaye / Irun. There you change to a TGV train in the direction of Bordeaux and Paris. Buy your tickets in two steps: first from Lisbon to Hendaye or Irun via ACPRail. Then a second ticket from Hendaye to your destination in France via Trainline or SNCF. The second route is from Lisbon by direct night train to Madrid. There you continue by high-speed-trains via Barcelona in the direction of France (Marseille, …). Buy your tickets in two steps: first from Lisbon to Madrid for the night train via ACPRail. Then a second ticket from Madrid via Barcelona to your destination in France via Trainline or SNCF.

Travelling from Hendaye (France) to Paris (France)

To travel in France by train, find schedules and ticket prices with discounts, book early to get inexpensive train tickets. To travel long distances between the big cities of France, use a TGV high-speed train.

Travelling from Paris (France) to Moscow (Russia)

There are two direct long-distance night train connecting France with Russia. One train from Paris via Strasbourg and Germany to Moscow and a second one from Nice via Italy and Austria to Moscow. They do not run daily. Please buy your ticket for the night trains. Also for travelling to further destinations in Russia (a second ticket).

Travelling from Moscow (Russia) to Beijing (China)

To travel from Russia to China by train, use the direct train connections by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Buy your train ticket online via one of the booking agencies. There you will also find the exact schedules and ticket prices which depends on the date of your travel.

Travelling from Beijing (China) to Hanoi (Vietnam)

If you want to travel from China to Vietnam by train, you have daily connections. There are two main travel routes available. The first travel route is from Beijing, Guilin, Nanning (China) to Hanoi (Vietnam). There are two direct trains per week from Beijing (China) to Hanoi (Vietnam). There are every day connections from Nanning (China) to Hanoi (Vietnam). If you travel on a date were no direct train runs from Beijing to Hanoi, first travel by the daily overnight train from Beijing to Nanning, then by the daily overnight train from Nanning to Hanoi. The second travel route is from Kunming (China) to Hanoi (Vietnam) with change and border crossing at Hekou (China) and Lào Cai (Vietnam). The train in China coming from Kunming ends at the station Hekou North (China). Journey time 5 hours. There you take a bus or taxi to the border (10 minutes). Walk over the border. And again by bus or taxi (10 minutes) to the station of Lào Cai (Vietnam). From there continue to Hanoi by direct train. [b]How to buy tickets[/b]: – buy train tickets from China to Vietnam at Chinahighlights. For the city of [b]Hanoi[/b] fill in [b]Gia Lam, Hanoi[/b] !!! Direct train: Beijing – Gia Lam, Hanoi. Connection with change: Beijing – Nanning and Nanning – Gia Lam, Hanoi. – buy train tickets inside of Vietnam are available via Baolau. For example: Lào Cai – Hanoi.

Travelling from Hanoi (Vietnam) to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Train travel in Vietnam is easy and comfortable. The main route is from North to the South of Vietnam, Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. From Hanoi you have a nice route to the mountains, in direction of SaPa. Beside you have a connection from Hanoi to China. Please buy your train ticket online via the following booking links or at a station which is usually no problem. Source:

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