The filming locations for “Game of Thrones” can now be reached by cruise ship!

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If you’ve always wanted to sail to Westeros after watching Game of Thrones, now’s your chance to reach the filming locations for “Game of Thrones” by cruise. Sail Croatia is preparing to provide an immersive experience by taking visitors on a cruise to film locations.

It will be a seven-day voyage along the Dalmatian Coast, beginning and ending in the Adriatic Sea city of Split.
According to Sail Croatia Director Grant Seuren, this Game of Thrones cruise is the perfect combination of sightseeing, relaxing, and socializing, allowing fans to immerse themselves in famous filming locations while exploring the best of Croatia.

The majority of the series was shot in Northern Ireland, with many sets shot in Croatia. The Sail Croatia cruise will embark on a seven-day journey along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast to explore the country. According to reports, the journey will begin and end in Split, which served as the on-screen home of Diocletian’s Palace, which housed the dragon dungeons. Visitors will also have access to the Game of Thrones Museum, which houses authentic props, life-size figures, and more.

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On the first day, guests will arrive at the Makarska Riviera, which features pristine beaches and mountain peaks. And, as the ship approaches King’s Landing, House of the Dragon will premiere, with guests able to watch the show onboard.
Guests will also have the opportunity to explore the city of Dubrovnik, where they will go on a walking tour of the Red Keep, Walk of Shame, and Blackwater Bay. After that, take a short ferry ride to Lokrum Island before returning to Dubrovnik.
The seven-day trip, which starts at $1139, will depart on August 20.

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