Europe’s top ten airlines in terms of flight cancellations

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Over 2,000 flight cancellations across Europe from July 1 to July 15. It reflects the current labor difficulties that airlines and airports are experiencing, preventing them from returning to 2019 capacity levels.

In response to the operational challenges that many airlines are facing, travel intelligence provider Mabrian has analyzed data relating to European airline scheduling over the last few weeks, comparing how many flights were scheduled on 14 June to operate between 1 and 15 July, compared to scheduled flights for the same period as of 28 June.

Over 2,000 light cancellations  across Europe from July 1 to July 15.
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“It is highly unusual to see airlines cancelling scheduled flights at such short notice, literally weeks before take off, right at the peak of the summer season. Just looking at the top ten by cancellations based on this data we can see over 2,000 flights cancelled across Europe just for the 1 to 15 July period. We’ve never seen anything like this and it is a reflection of the labour difficulties that airlines and airports are having right now, making them unable to return to 2019 capacity levels. However whilst easyJet ‘s overall number of flights cancelled is 1,394, as a percentage of their air capacity it is fair to point out that this is just 5.5% (or one in 20 flights) and that, perhaps surprisingly, it is Turkish Airlines that has the highest ratio of cancelled flights, at nearly 7%. In fact we must keep some perspective on this overall situation, as when we look at the overall numbers in terms of percentage of the air capacity of an airline, what we notice is that in many cases the cancellations in relative terms are very low – the lowest rate of the top 10 being Air Europa with under 0.5% of flights cancelled, which means that 199 out of 200 are still scheduled to fly. Still every cancellation represents a holiday nightmare for someone and a loss in revenue for the airline: no one is winning here and clearly as an industry we’re a long way from solving the problem.”

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales & Marketing at Mabrian

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