The joy of travel is captured in a new G Adventures campaign

new G Adventures campaign

Throughout June and early July, the new G Adventures campaign timings take into account planned tube strikes and targets travellers of all ages, highlighting the joys of group travel and sparking an emotional response, encouraging commuters across the capital to think about their next adventure.

The buzz of your taste buds as you tuck into zingy Thai street food. The rush of catching your first wave surfing in Morocco. The thrill of riding a rickshaw through Delhi’s backstreets. In Jordan, the gentle lap of waves relaxes you as you massage vitamin-rich muds onto your face. When was the last time you experienced something like this?

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G Adventures, a small-group adventure travel specialist, is providing some serious escapism for London commuters this summer as they launch their largest brand campaign across the UK’s transportation systems. With more workers returning to the office, but many commuting from outside London, the month-long campaign has been designed to target would-be travelers along their commuting journeys with emotive ads that celebrate those joyous moments that can only be had when traveling in a small group.

Popular commuter routes from outside London will feature fun, lively artworks on trains and railway stations. The ticket barriers at London Victoria will be transformed into a gallery of epic travel moments, while digital posters will run across London Underground stations and escalators, challenging travellers of all ages to think about their last epic travel memory. QR codes make call to actions quick and easy for those on the go, while location-targeted Spotify ads and paid media run during peak hours in key commuter hotspots. The Evening Standard and Metro, London’s free newspapers, will feature weekly content from the adventure operator, celebrating some of the world’s most incredible ways to travel, from sailing trips in Europe to the world’s most incredible hikes.

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With London office workers quickly returning to our capital, that sense of ‘Groundhog Day’ was starting to set in. Being a travel brand that specialises in taking travellers out of their comfort zones and building epic memories, we recognised we had the perfect antidote. Our trips are filled with freedom and fun, and this campaign sets out to transport commuters to those unforgettable micro-moments that happen when you take an adventure.”

G Adventures marketing director, Ant Stone

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