Netflix is launching free walking tours to show you where your favorite shows are produced

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On Thursday, Netflix announced a week of walking tours in three cities, including London, Madrid, and Paris, where films such as Bridgerton, Money Heist, and (you guessed it!) Emily in Paris were shot.

Get out of the house and go on a Netflix walking tour

Getting out of the house and watching Netflix are no longer mutually exclusive activities.

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The Netflix walking tours, which are in collaboration with SANDEMAN’s New Europe Tours, sound pretty standard, with guides taking small groups to key filming locations and providing behind-the-scenes information about the scenes that were shot there.

What’s the good news? The tours are free and can be reserved online right now. The bad news is that they only last a week (July 11-17), so you may have to act quickly.

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Great stories take us to places we’ve never been, immerse us in cultures other than our own, and pique our interest in the world around us. More than 70% of Netflix viewing this year has come from members watching a title from a country other than their own. Netflix is where viewers can fall in love with different countries and cultures.

Are you ready to eat a croissant in Place de l’Estrapade like Emily in Paris or participate in a money heist in Callao like La Casa De Papel? To learn more, go to But make your reservation as soon as possible because spaces are limited and, like secrets in the ton, won’t last long.

Binge travel!

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