Northern Ireland will host a great Game of Thrones tour

Clearly, Game of Thrones fans aren’t done with the epic TV show, so the gifts keep coming. A new tour in Northern Ireland allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of Game of Thrones and its Seven Kingdoms. This tour takes place at Linen Mill Studios, which was one of the original filming locations.

Linen Mills Studio is located in Barnbridge, and the public tour began on February 4. The immersive tour will bring the acclaimed TV series to life for fans.

Those who take this tour will be able to see fully-dressed sets, original props, weaponry, costumes, and other items from the TV show. Things you’ve seen on TV will come to life here in Northern Ireland’s Linen Mills Studio. Another interesting fact is that the important locations in the series, such as Braavos, Dorne, King’s Landing, and Dragonfell, have all been rebuilt by the same construction crews that worked on the show originally.

According to Julain Moon, Head of EAMA Warner Bros. Consumer Products, this is a first for Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment to launch a world-class attraction in Northern Ireland where fans can explore a vast array of authentic sets, as well as a comprehensive collection of costumes, props, set pieces, and so much more up close and personal.

Northern Ireland will host a great Game of Thrones tour
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Northern Island has a total of 25 Game of Thrones filming locations.

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