Europe’s most child-friendly city in 2022

The six-factor study, conducted by OVO Network, takes into account over 7,700 kid-friendly attractions and museums, as well as approximately 200 amusement parks in 50 European cities. The information was then combined with safety, cleanliness, and transportation costs before being weighted and ranked.

Prague has been named the best city for a family vacation, with the best access to water parks, amusement parks, and museums per 1,000,000 tourists and residents.
The top three are Helsinki and Copenhagen, with sunny Zagreb and not-so-sunny Edinburgh rounding out the top five.

Prague has been named as the most child friendly city in Europe in 2022
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If a road trip is planned for 2022, OVO Network recommends Valencia and Seville as points A and B on the route, with both receiving top 10 ratings.
Based on crime index data, Zurich and Munich have been named the safest cities for family vacations in 2022.
If you enjoy exploring areas within cities and their surrounding areas, Zagreb and Bucharest are the top two cities with the cheapest transportation links.

With 15 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists, Prague ranks first in Europe in terms of access to water and amusement parks. The Czech capital also ranks first in terms of museum access, with no other country having more museums per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. Prague also has some of Europe’s safest streets and the continent’s fourth best air quality.

Copenhagen is ranked third most child-friendly city in 2022
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It could be a difficult decision for families considering a trip to Northern Europe. According to the data, Copenhagen is ranked third, and Helsinki is ranked second. The two capital cities, both renowned for their cultural prowess, are museum meccas. Helsinki has the best access, while Copenhagen has the fifth best.

In addition, the two cities have some of the highest safety ratings in the Europe-wide study.

As previously stated, Prague has the best access to water parks and museums in Europe, with 15 and 280 per 1,000,000 visitors and residents, respectively. The European average for these two categories is 3 and 108 per one million tourists and residents, respectively.

Lisbon has the most child-friendly attractions in Europe, with 660 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. More than 50% more than second-placed Edinburgh and 127% more than the European average. The coastal capital is a true trailblazer in terms of family-friendly activities. Athens, Dublin, and Zagreb round out the top five in this category.

Zagreb has the lowest transportation costs in Europe, with an average one-way ticket costing €0.53 – significantly less than the continent’s average of €2.13. Cities such as Bucharest, Budapest, and Prague are also highly ranked in this category. The opposite end of the ranking is Rotterdam, where a one-way ticket costs more than €4.00 – if the Beautiful South’s travel guide is to be believed, it’s best to stick to Liverpool or Rome.

if the Beautiful South's travel guide is to be believed, it's best to stick to Liverpool or Rome.
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When organizing a family-friendly vacation, safety is of the utmost importance. Zurich takes first place in this category, with a safety index of 16, the lowest in the study.

Munich, Prague, Zagreb, Helsinki, and Copenhagen are also among the safest cities in the world. Birmingham, Marseille, and Naples are at the other end of the spectrum, with crime index ratings ranging from 58 to 60.

Finally, air quality is an unnoticed consideration for vacationers but one that should be considered – clean air creates a perfect ambiance for refreshing the mind while away. Copenhagen has the cleanest air in Europe, with Edinburgh and Helsinki coming in second and third. Palermo, Madrid, and Stockholm are also among the top ten in this category.

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